小学校の授業で音楽が好 きになり、中学入学と同時に念願であったフルートを手に入れ、吹奏楽部に入 部。

1998年、留学のためイギリスに渡り、現地の学生吹奏楽団に入団。さまざま な民族音楽のワークショップに参加し、初めてジャズの生演奏を聴き興味を持つ。
帰国後2000年に洗足学園音楽大学音楽学部器楽科ジャズ専攻に入学。在学中に坂 本剛(p)、斎藤草平(b)とともに「シネマ」を結成リーダーとしてプロ活動を始める。

大学卒業後、2004年Studio Weeから水谷浩章プロデュースによるデビュー・アル バム『Globe In Motion』発表。 作曲、アレンジにも力を入れ、弦楽四重奏との共演、ダンス、写真家など他ジャ ンルの芸術とも積極的に交流する。

2007年、ピアニストの山下洋輔をエグセプ ティブプロデューサーに迎え、水谷浩章プロデュースのもと全曲オリジナルの 2ndアルバム「Miya’s Book;Music For Seven Days」を発表。高い即興性と豊か な表現力で評価される。この頃より「笛」としてのフルートに着目、フィールド パフォーマンスを展開する。ジャズを愛し、喜びの音、豊かな音楽をモットーに 演奏している。

2009年11月、レコード会社を移籍、T&Kエンタテインメントより 「Oriental Sun」を発表。日本から発信するジャズ、五感+αで感じる音楽をめ ざし、活動を展開中。


Miya has a Japanese father and an English mother. She was born in Tokyo. Her love of music started when she was in elementary school and she began to learn the flute when she joined the school wind band in junior high school. In l998 she went to an English school for a year to further her English studies and joined the local wind band there, too. During her stay in England she took part in many types of music workshops and heard live jazz for the first time which sparked off her interest in jazz. After coming back to Japan she graduated from Senzokugakuen Music University Jazz course in 2004. While she was a student she formed her own band (Cinema) with Tsuyoshi Sakamoto on piano and Sohei Saitou on bass. Following on from that she started playing in Jazz clubs as a professional musician and in May 2004 she released her debut CD (Globe in Motion) from Studio Wee produced by bassist Hiroaki Mizutani. From then, she played with her own group and also did a lot of writing and arranging. This included arranging music for a string quartet with whom she played a number of times. Now, too, she is interested in working with other forms of art such as dance and photography and she has created a number of pieces for special performances in these fields.  Miya released her 2nd album (Miya's Book: Music for 7 days) in November 2007 with Yosuke Yamashita as executive producer and Hiroaki Mizutani as producer. Her ability in improvisation and expression has been highly regarded as a result of this CD. Around this time she realised the many possibilities of the flute not just as an instrument from western culture but also as a connection to the many traditional flutes that exist in countries all over the world. With this discovery she has started to do performances in many different kinds of venues, both inside and outside, and she appreciates the magical moments that Jazz can produce when all these different sounds and associations meet together. Her aim of playing is to create a rich and joyful sound. In 2009 she changed her record company to T & K Entertainment and she is releasing her 3rd album (Oriental Sun). In this album she has particularly tried to express Jazz from Japan and her performance is aiming to create music that can be felt on many different levels of awareness.


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